BEST Forex Fury Review – Learn How To Install Forex Fury?

The Forex Fury is a fully automated Expert Advisor (EA). Which provides its users with real-time authentic data. The provided data is backed by 93 percent winning record with verified Myfxbook accounts.

A full-length installation guide. Super-responsive support team, 1-2 licenses, and profitable settings are few of the additional features of the forex fury. That traders can attain gains from. It has been providing successful trading services to its customers for a few years now and shows no sign of slowing down or stopping.

Forex Fury

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Forex fury is suitable for all traders whether beginner or expert as it comes. With detailed instructions on how to use. The system and enough support to make sure the trader is able to install and use the software to its full potential.

In simple words, Forex Fury does all the trading for the traders by analyzing. The market and managing the trades. Forex fury also offers the option of a demo account to the user to get familiar with the entire system and its functioning.

The forex fury Expert Advisor is customized to work. Well with the GBPUSD pair but also functions. Well with USDJPY, USDCHF, GBPUSD, USDCAD, and XAUUSD pairs.

Forex Fury Review

The settings and features offered with the forex fury are well. Suited for any trader and can also be customized by the expert traders to make. Their own strategies for high performances and desired results.

The forex fury robot comes with 2 licenses. First one is Gold and the other one is a diamond. Both can be obtained as a one-off payment of $229.99 or $439.99. The only difference between the two licenses is of the number of accounts.

The gold license allows the user to use the forex fury on one live account. Whereas the diamond allows the user to use it on two live accounts. Though the number of live accounts varies for both licenses. They both offer to test on unlimited demo accounts.

This is one of the attractive features of this robot because many other EAs do not allow this. Testing on unlimited demo accounts helps. The users and especially new users to get familiarized with the entire system and how it functions.

Forex Fury Features

Some of the key features of the forex fury which make it distinct from others are mentioned below:

  • Use incremental toll size: This is a money management technique. It can either be true or false. If true, the default size can be used. On the other hand, you can change it to false, which enables you to set your own lot size.
  • Lot Size: Allows you to decide your own lot size
  • Risk per cycle percentage: This percentage represents the value of money management. Let’s say you set this to 20, the EA will restrict your loss to 20 percent.
  • Day Setting: You can trade on whichever day you prefer. The EA allows you to set the days when you want to trade.
  • Max Spread: This value analyzes whether the EA will open trade or not based on your broker spread. If the broker spread is above the default value i.e 2.5, then your max spread needs to be increased in order to be accommodated.
  • Take Profit: Fury closes winning trade at this amount of pips
  • Take Loss: Fury closes losing trade at this amount of pips.
  • Max Orders: This feature determines the number of trades that are placed at one time. According to FIFO, this value should be set to 1.
  • Start Trading Time & End Trading Time: This is the time set by the trader during which the EA is allowed to trade.
  • Max Slippage: This feature determines whether forex fury will open trade or not based on your slippage
  • Magic Number: If you are running multiple accounts, then this number needs to be different on each account
  • Forex fury is fully compatible with all MT4 Forex brokers

Being a 100% automated trading system. It gives time to an individual to work and focus on other important tasks by complimenting their schedule. A fully automated trading system places a trade on behalf of the trader instead of having. The trader all worried about analyzing trends and placing the trade.

Furthermore, manufacturers have a very supportive approach. They continue to show support for the product as well as the clients by allowing. The growth of the trader’s account through continuous incremental gains with every update. They introduce and offer to the current users.

The ongoing support offered by the entire team is the kind of support. That is usually expected from all the available EAs’ developers. Furthermore, the customer support team is known to be very responsive towards customer’s queries and problems.

Another highly appreciated feature of forex fury. Is that it offers an authentic and verified trading account on websites such as Myfxbook. The traders also get the option to have a look into the trading history of the EA. Which helps them better understand the trends and its success rate.

Even though forex fury is an aggressive software proven through. Its aim to improve continuously and enhance the gains offered to the traders. It still functions in a low-risk environment. To make the EA better than the other available EAs in the market. They have obtained a whole new group of powerful servers. This will eventually lead to more free updates for the traders. Which will enable them to take the maximum benefits from the EA?

The underlying strategy has not been disclosed by the developers. Which is understandable as no developer reveals the strategy or the code on which the entire functioning of the robot is based. Some information has recently been provided by the developers according to which the EA functions by opening multiple positions at the same prices.

Once the aimed target is reached (mostly 5 pips). The multiple positions are closed. In addition, the winning trades are usually closed. Within a few hours but the losing trades are kept open for longer hours. Moreover, the developers ensure that the robot opens around 10-15 transactions per hour which allow the users to earn 50-70 pips in a very short time duration.

Trading Approach

Forex fury’s trading approach is based on a crucial principle i.e time restriction. For profitable results, the EA needs to restrict the losses by functioning for a specific time. The trading software usually opens trade around afternoon which is the time when the market slows down and it is the perfect time to target the easy wins.

This basically means that the robot functions for about 1-2 hours daily and that’s all. The approach has proved to be successful as compared to the approaches adopted by forex fury’s competitors. By restricting its time and focus to 1-2 hours, it has been able to maximize its profit.

Forex fury approach is simple and stress-free. Whereas the traders prefer to trade all day and not limit themselves to 1 or 2 hours a day, this is not convenient with an automated trading system.

Forex fury functions depending on the market conditions which is why it has a success rate over 90 percent as mentioned on its official website. Though the drawdowns are also present and they are actually quite high.

Forex fury usually works with USDJPY and USDCHF pairs but due to recent drawdowns, it allows the traders to switch the currency pairs.

Back Testing

Forex fury official website shows a backtest for 15 years that exhibits a gain in thousands of percentage. In addition to gains, stats such as drawdown, profit factor, win rate etc are present but no detailed account of information is available.


With forex fury being a very popular software, few advantages have been pointed out by the traders who are currently using forex fury. They include:

  • The downloaded file comes with a detailed setting manual and a description of the operation’s method.
  • The advisor’s informative settings help the user to quickly respond to the market changes by adjusting the settings.
  • The forex fury can even be installed on the ECN accounts.
  • 100 percent automated trading software which enables even the new traders to earn high profits despite having little to no knowledge of the forex market. It takes control of the trades and places the trades after completely and efficiently analyzing the present trends.
  • Easy installation of the software allows the user to get started with the system.


The excellent features, continuous updates, incredible gains show the amount of effort that has been put into developing this software. The software promises continuous growth and increasing profits to its user and has delivered nothing less.

The ever-improving results of the robot do not show any sign of slowing down. Despite having several well-known competitors available in the market, it has managed to outstand amongst them all due to its distinct features.

The price, though, higher than many other available robots but the offered features are worth the price tag. Also, the price tag is no match for the profits user makes through this app.

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BEST Forex Fury Review - Learn How To Install Forex Fury?
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