Forex Steam Review – BEST Automated Forex Trading Robot!

Forex Steam (FS) is an Expert Advisor (EA), owned and operated by STEAM LTD (Canada). Designed for Meta Trader 4 Platform. Forex Steam has been around for more than 25 years providing 100 percent trading solutions to its users. FS facilitates in providing long term growth in a low-risk environment.

Keeping in mind the continuously changing nature of the forex market and the aim of an increase in the profit growth rate by 5-10%. The FS team regularly updates the system by adding new features to improve the trading results for its customers.

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Moreover, it has been programmed after full market analysis. As it has been designed and developed by a team of traders.

The Expert Advisor comes for $117.99 which involves easy and quick download as soon as the EA is purchased. It also includes free regular updates, 4 licenses, real live trading proof of 4 years and features. That can be easily modified to develop a customized strategy.

The EA is currently in its version 9 and there are rumors of version 10 to be launched soon. Which will be provided free to current customers.

There are two versions available of the Forex Steam software. A light version and a normal version. The favorite amongst the users appears to be the light version. The light version of the software has been updated for about 60 times in the last 5 years.

Which eventually resulted in an impressive winning streak in version 9. As mentioned earlier, each and every update is free for the current customers. The updates intend to increase the growth rate and improve the software’s performance.

Forex Steam Review

What is highly appreciated amongst the current users and other experts is the fact that many customers have very limited investments in their accounts (just over $100) for 5 years or more.

Despite such small investments, the earning has been incredible.  Traders with small investments have earned about 100 times to 1000 times their initial investment.

FS also offers a 30 days money back guarantee to the unsatisfied customers.

Some of the significant features to ensure the winning streak by preventing. The software from trading on days or times. When the market is unpredictable and the trade may result in heavy losses, include:

  • Advanced News Filter:

Forex Steam was the inventor of this technology. Which is now a common feature of the forex market. Forex Steam designed Advance News Filter to make sure. The software does not trade during high impact and low impact news events. Which is necessary to ensure long term winning process.

Even though Advance News Filter is an essential feature of the FS targeting both high and low impact news events. Some customers do feel that high impact news events are the only type of market shifts. Which are likely to affect the software in a negative manner and low impact news events are unnecessary.

Despite all the opinion and reviews, ever since advance news filter has been added to the FS. The robot has been able to give multiple straight wins (multiple occasions) without any human interference.

  • Advanced Holiday Filter:

This filter works the same way as the Advanced News Filter. It ensures that the software does not trade on specific holidays. When the market is shifting and is completely unpredictable. This feature is necessary for a 100 percent automated system.

  • PIP Retrace:

It is one of the earliest features of the FS. It protects users against major market shifts which could result in heavy losses.

  • Trailing Stop & Break Even:

These features are turned off by default and can be activated and used by the expert traders to form a customized strategy. This allows users to make their own decisions. After a user has enabled this setting, the risk-reward ratio shifts prominently.

Forex Trading And Role Of Forex Steam

What is Forex Trading? It is a short form of Foreign Exchange Trading. Which involves trading different currencies against each other at the right time. It requires the study of international markets. Their geopolitical and social events, and various. Other factors which may affect the stability of a specific currency.

Once it is determined which currency will be strengthening. It is purchased and sold when it reaches its maximum potential. Sounds easy? It is but the skill and art don’t come naturally to everyone.

What to do then? Why miss an opportunity of earning easy money. When you have automated software. which can determine everything for you? Evaluating all the factors which affect the stability of the currency and providing you with the right information at the right time is the job of Forex Steam.

There are very slim chances of the failure of Forex Steam. It comes with a guarantee of success rate above 90% and has proved. Its claim by providing winning percentage ranging from 91% to 94% (2015-2018).

Forex Steam has an automated strategy and programmed evaluation system. Which starts working as soon as you have entered required transaction information. Moreover, the FS does not take the control away and permits you to trade with specific risks and desirable profit.

Forex Steam Expert Advisor


  • Reliability:

Many users state they would rather prefer Forex Steam. Than investing money in stock market and real estate on the advice of an expert investor.

  • Transparency:

Forex Steam offers transparency when it comes to their results. The software provides an official trading account and there are other trading accounts provided by the third party sources. Availability of the official and third-party account helps you compare and check the authenticity of the provided results.

  • 100% Automated System:

It does not require any time, energy or input of the user. Which enables the user to focus on other important tasks.

  • Market-Leading Software:

It has one of the highest numbers of users and positive reviews present on different platforms.

  • Support Team:

FS’s support team is known to be one of the most helpful and fast responsive teams available in the market. Despite being 100% automated, it has an excellent support team to answer your queries and provide solutions to your problems.

  • Multiple Licenses:

The availability of multiple licenses is another plus point for users. Multiple licenses can be used for testing purposes. There are different settings of EA that can be checked and utilized. Different pairs, take profit settings, stop loss settings, hedging settings, news filter settings etc.

Users can have demo accounts apart from one live account. Where they can try various settings. Even though the regular settings have proven to be more effective. But expert traders can often maximize their winning streaks by customizing strategies. Such as lowering TP or taking benefit of trailing stop feature.


Against few negative reviews, Forex Steam is still a market-leading software present right now. With its price tag just above $100. It is highly affordable and profitable software.

Moreover, FS being 100% automated saves time and energy of the user and allows them to focus on other tasks. It is especially beneficial for the ones. Who wants easy money but have no knowledge and understanding of the forex market and how it works.

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Forex Steam Review - BEST Automated Forex Trading Robot!
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