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Parallel Profits Reviews

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Parallel Profits And What You Need To Know About It

Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits

Vendor: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton
Product Name: Parallel Profits
Launch Date: 2019-Jan-29
Bonus: Yes, Huge Bonus at here
Recommend: Highly Recommend
Niche: Training Course
Support: Effective Response
Skill Level Needed: All Levels

The Best Part?

If you are looking for an online program that can help you make some money real quick, then you need to try Parallel Profits right now.

Parallel Profits is a comprehensive training created by 2 ultra-successful millionaire internet marketers – Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton., or you can say that it’s a business model that is made on the principles of digital marketing.

You see, right now it’s quite difficult to sell your products and services to the local customers mainly because the competition outside is very strong and tough.

There might be hundreds of other people providing the same services as you are and in such a situation, standing out and reaching out to the local businesses and customers can be very difficult.

Now, this is where Parallel Profits comes in handy. It’s a program created by two masterminds, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton.

Aidan and Steve, both are quite famous for bringing people some of the most legit and the best programs of all time.

For example, if you make some search on their “The 100k Factory” program, you’ll see how they took the market by storm and how a lot of people made money with the help of that program.

Now, coming back to the topic of today, “Parallel Profits” is going to be your key to success if you want to know how to market and sell to the local businesses outside.


What Makes It So Special?

Right now we cannot say anything with a guarantee but we’ve seen the previous two programs by Aidan and Steve, and we have read a lot about this upcoming business model “Parallel Profits.”

This program is going to be different than the other programs because this time you will actually be able to work with both these people as a team. Yes, you read it right, and this is the reason why it’s more of a business model than just a training program.

According to Parallel Profits, you just need to make 7 sales to run a circle of $100,000 per year. Isn’t it amazing? Well, it definitely is, and we assure you that you are going to love this program once it goes online.

It may seem a little simplistic at first… but believe me when I say, the opportunity is VAST.

Essentially, the model we are talking about here is providing really simple “online services” to local businesses…

…but with a BIG TWIST
(which we’ll talk about in a moment)

These “services” involve things that you (and your readers) may find elementary, but are CRITICAL (and therefore highly valuable) to local businesses for the following reasons…

These services will help local achieve more search engine visibility, more social media exposure along with a better looking and more reliable web presence – and this will result in two things for them… more customers and more revenue.

And because customers and revenue are the “holy grails” to ANY small or local business, this means…

You Can Charge Them Hundreds, Even Thousands of Dollars on a Monthly Basis To Carry These Services Out.

It sounds like a lot of money to charge… but they love you for it and will be happy to pay as they are getting REAL value that helps them hugely.

Picture this…

You’ve got a handful of customers (let’s say SEVEN) who pay you each month to take care of a few simple tasks for them.

From our own business we KNOW that these 7 customers will collectively pay approximately $12,000 per month in total-equating to $144,000 each year.

From that, the “take home” is about $100,000 in net profit. (A 70% profit margin).

Then you once you have your first 7, it will be easy to scale up and increase the number of customers you have.

Scaling up would work out something like this…

15 customers = Potentially $308,000/year (The profit: $215,000)
25 customers = Potentially $515,000/year (The profit: $360,000)
50 customers = Potentially $1,030,000 /year (The profit: $720,000)

In other words, the numbers stack up really fast.

The reality is…

The profit margins and sheer speed at which you can make serious money doing this is UNRIVALLED by any other online (or offline) business model that we know of…

…AND the competition is almost NON-EXISTENT.

Parallel-Profits Aidan Booth

Aidan Booth Parallel Profits

Parallel Profits Aidan Booth

Parallel Profits is created by Aidan Booth is well-known as an expert in digital marketing, also called an inspiring marketer who always creates new things to work more efficiently.

Aidan Booth has been praised by the community in the recent years for his outstanding string of training courses. Up to now, he has earned up to 37 million dollars in online marketing. Some of the highlighted names are 100K Factory, 7 Figure Cycle, The Kibo Code

The Parallel Profits

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

The whole package of Parallel Profits will cost you somewhat around $2497, and it’s your choice whether you want to pay this amount right away or if you want to pay the money in installments.

There will be several options for you when it comes to the payment and in case you aren’t someone who can afford this money then don’t worry because we’ve heard that their installment plans are quite flexible.

However, one thing is for sure that all of this money of yours won’t go to waste no matter what and we assure you that you will be able to make twice and even thrice as much money as you will pay them.

The money you need to pay to join Parallel Profits is just an investment that you will make.

Are Parallel Profits Good For You?

Yes, this program is 100% good for you, and we promise you that you will be able to make some real quick fat cash within a short time period. Aidan and Steve never fail to impress their audience, and we are sure that they have some impressive to bring to you this time.

Parallel Profits 3-step system

Why Should You Buy It?

I don’t think there’s anyone who cannot use Parallel Profits As long as you want to create your own passive income stream online, you’d better go for Parallel Profits training course.

It does not require any technical skill or online marketing experience. Once you start with it, you will see the action plan that you need to follow to make your goal come true.


· Tested and proven results
· Newbie-friendly concept
· This method works
· No need for listing or paying for traffic
· Easy to follow video training
· You can make money with this method,
· +More…


· I have not found yet


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my Parallel Profits Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice.


You can have an opportunity to receive extra bonuses if you finish 3 steps below:

Step 1: Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) Or Clean/Delete all cookie and cache of your internet browser.
Step 2: Order Parallel Profits by Clicking HERE.
Step 3: Hit me through [email protected] to confirm that you had done these step 1 & 2. You will get the bonuses package within 24 hours.

WATCH Video: The Parallel Profits Bonus Package (Value: $3,375.00)

Parallel Profits is LIVE! (GO! GO! GO!)

Parallel Profits Replay

How To sell SEO Services to Local Businesses

Nobody just launches their website and does not aim to get a top spot on Google. A new business has to work really hard in order to save a spot in the top Google ratings. It is unlikely that a small business will ever try to topple business like Amazon or eBay. However, in order to get maximum profit for your business, it is significant that it gets a decent acknowledgment from Google.

If you are a company providing SEO Services you need to highlight this to the local business. It is important to let them know why they need SEO service for the success of their business. By focusing on some SEO sales strategy, you will help increase your client list. Here are some top tips that you can adopt! Take a look.

Give every client its individuality

It’s not wrong to say that every SEO local campaign somewhat follows the same trend. Almost all the clients receive the same services which include, the creation of local content, link building, creating citations, etc. Regardless of the fact that it is true, you do not want your clients to feel that way. Let every client know that they matter and their work is being taken care of in the most effective and distinguished manner.

Avoid making guarantees

It is fair to know that clients ask for guarantees. The least a client would do is ask for what they should look forward to. However, one should include in their active SEO strategy is that the results of SEO are not guaranteed. Where Google tells businesses to be wary of SEOs guaranteeing positions.

Let your client know all the hard work that your team will be putting into. You can also highlight your past work so that they know what they are dealing with and gain satisfaction. It is important that you take the least amount of blame so that you are not held accountable if anything does not go the plan.

Use Statistics

While you are giving our presentation to potential clients it is always a good idea to add statistics and quotes from experts. This will help highlight the facts and figures to your clients and will include the worth of what you are selling and how you are going to achieve that.

Having statistical data to your presentations helps create the image that you are serious about your work and you have prior knowledge concerning the work you are providing.

Highlight what you know on your site

It is important that you use your website to communicate with your potential clients. They must be aware of the importance of having a local SEO service for their business and how you are the best option for them. Make your website interesting.

You should have both overview and detailed posts on your website around the local SEO subjects. You must showcase your capabilities and highlight your expertise with the aid of your blog.

Explain the unidentified benefits of local SEO

When you are highlighting all the relevant benefits of local SEO do not miss out on the secondary benefits to your client. It is important that you walk through every single benefit that SEO holds for your client so that understand its worth.

Every tactic that is carried out in SEO services has a benefit. The result may not be visible instantly but it will help you in the future. One major secondary benefit of SEO is the task of Reputation Management which helps in improving the service quality. It helps uplift your brand visibility. Communicate well to your clients with the aid of examples and reports that SEO services have numerous secondary advantages as well that might take some time to show.

Manage Expectations

It is totally normal to state that clients have numerous expectations. When they are paying for some service, they are looking forward to some great quality work. It cannot be ignored that what your client is looking forward to is different from what your team has been working hard on. It won’t just upset the client.

You can avoid them by highlight each and every aspect of your work to your client before the deal is sealed. Let your client know that SEO does not give you instant results. They should not expect to wake up one day and defeat Walmart ranking on Google.

It might be frustrating from the client’s perspective to wait after having paid the services. Let them know that SEO is a in fact a marathon that does not give you results overnight. Let them know all about the timeframes. Stay clear and leave no questions unanswered. It is a plus if you develop a healthy client relationship for future services as well.

Show Report Examples

If your client has worked with SEO agencies in the past, you might have to work a little hard to get them to trust you with work that had not ended the way they had wanted to in the past. Providing report examples gives a clear image of the services that you will provide and how you will achieve the set target.

You can add recommendations in your report too. That’s not all, add analysis along with other details that will get your client to trust you and look forward to work with you in the future too. This is your way of adding more value and content to your work.

It’s not very hard to open Google and look for Analytics and get the results needed. You can include additional expertise and show the reports to your clients. Whether they have worked with SEO agencies before or they are new into business, clients would love to know more about what you offer and how you are going to achieve what you promise.

Know that your competitor might be doing the same thing. In order to stand out, you need to work a little harder and get the best insights possible.

Let your Clients know about your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses

When your client is looking for some SEO service, he will be going through all the companies around providing similar services. This is where you need to highlight what makes you different from your competitor so that the customer is able to make the decision easily.

Carry out competitor research and include it in your presentation. Include the competitor’s performance and how you are doing a better job at it. It is a good idea to include all the tasks they are doing well and then include how you are working differently.

Competitor research will highlight all the features in comparison. Mention all the factors they are good at and how you can do them even better at a lower price rate with lesser time. Let your clients know that they are making the right decision. That their time and money is valued and your team will give the best results that you are looking for.

Communicate with your clients

If you keep things vague with your clients, they might start to question your services and the end result. This is why it is always a good idea to let your clients know everything concerning the process and how you will achieve the results they are looking forward to.

It is important that you share your local knowledge concerning the SEO services. Let them know that you are well versed concerning the local business. Use your presentations to talk to your client or talk to them in person. Gain the trust of your client in every way possible.

Demonstrate your local knowledge and focus on how your will carry out the optimization process in the local area since the business will be conducting there. Your client should know that you have an understanding of the foibles in the local area. Add referencing linked with the local competitors to satisfy your clients.

Give the most relevant client testimonials

You shouldn’t be surprised to have clients ask you about your previous work. Businesses asking for SEO services will always look forward to ask questions that include your experience concerning the respective field, your experience in the industry, examples of what you have done recently, etc. This helps clients gain the utter satisfaction.

When clients ask about client testimonials related to your prospect, you can use this at your advantage to help them know your value. Business asking for your services for the first time want to know how you have worked with similar organizations. This is where you should share testimonials from clients. Highlight all the similar tasks that you have done in the same local area. This will help the new client know your worth and that you have the potential to work even better and make a difference. The clients will know that you are aware of the business sector.

This will also demonstrate that you have worked in the industry before. The client can freely look over the results that you have offered and predict any change that they want.

With numerous advantages that are linked with SEO one cannot ignore how it is able to contribute a lot to the success of the business. In today’s world where we depend on Google a lot, it is important that we take in account that the placement of our online reputations controls the success of our venture.

The Good News…

Parallel Profits brings you the opportunity of working from home. Now you can double your profits in the easiest way possible with the assistance of Parallel Profits. But what is Parallel Profits?

If you are looking for a business model to make money in the fastest way by sitting at home, Parallel Profits is the one. You only need a total of 7 sales that will help you obtain $100,000 per year run-rate.

This business model is the best service that is ready to assist local business make money in the most unique manner. However, this service has three big twists that will help your local business stand out among all its competitors.

What Makes This Different (3 Big Twists)?

• There will be training period carried out by Parallel Profits where the trainees will be encouraged to continue working with our team. The people will not have to worry about any content or the name of the domain or the website itself, as our team will take care of it in the most unique way possible. All you need to do is make sales and wait for your business to reach the level.

• Our team will handle everything that is linked with the outsourcing to all the actions being performed. We will make sure that you do not have to worry about any task that comes from securing the local business. Our team of highly effective individuals will take care of everything in hand to help you gain maximum benefits. You do not have to worry about hiring a staff that has the experience or has the level of expertise. Leave that task for us.

• With the availability of our unique client capture system, you do not have to be part of any meeting that includes meeting in person. Parallel Profits will save any face to face interaction with the clients. You do not have to take out time from your busy schedule and fix a meeting. With the assistance of Parallel Profits, you are free.

Our three major services will give our clients just what they need. Now you can build a business on your own terms without stressing about its Google rating. We will help you connect with world and give your brand the recognition it needs and deserves. We will also provide full training on the respective business model, allowing clients to learn from the best.

So, What are you waiting for?

If You Want to Make 7 Figures From Your SEO Business? Here’s What you need to do….

1-Click The Buy Now button below.
2-Fill in your information on the next page.
3-Download The Parallel Profits System.


See you on the PP Training!

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