The Loci Cycle Review By Chris Munch – Does It Really Work?

Every now and then, entrepreneurs are consistently searching for innovative software and training that will induce a new life in their ventures. A training that channels expertise and vision into business practices for increased growth, engagement, and employee potential. Well, one of such innovations is on its way!

The Loci Cycle is making its way and is launching on October 26, 2021. Wondering about, what is it? In this review, you will find all that you need to know about the Loci Cycle. Let us head straight to the game.

The Loci Cucle

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The Loci Cycle Key Details

Software Program: The Loci Cycle
Creators: Jay Cruiz & Chris Munch
Priced at: $3495
Launch Date: 26 Oct 2021
Official Website:

What is The Loci Cycle?

The Loci Cycle

In essence, the Loci Cycle is the only automated marketing software that is automated. It is particularly designed for online ventures that comprise consultancy, drop shipping, e-commerce, and affiliate marketing. Moreover, it is powered by a 12 weeks training program. This training is based on a systematic video course for mastering content marketing.

If you want to earn more than $2000 per week, Loci Cycle is what you need.

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Maestros behind The Loci Cycle

Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch

The Loci Cycle is powered by the brilliance of Jay Cruiz and Chris Munch.

Chris Munch is an entrepreneur and digital marketer. He is a pioneer who made over 200,000 online sales. Moreover, he is the founder of a press release distribution company called the Press Cable and the affiliate platform known as Munch Eye. In addition, he is the creator of automation software called AMPIFIRE.

Jay Cruiz is a digital pioneer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Press Cable and AMPLIFIER with Chris. He nurtured sales by 350% in a record period.

Jay and Chris have been working together for over 15 years. Together, they have fostered thousands of success stories. Their training programs have a 95% success rating.

Now, they have collaborated once again and created the Loci Cycle that works with phenomenal automation.

How Loci Cycle Works?

At its core, a content creation and marketing technology fueled by AI automation operate with a video course for training. This enables users to achieve scalability, increased profits, and autonomy. Moreover, AMPIFIRE helps with content creation and sound publications for its users. In addition, it enables us to explore and access countless possibilities.

Below are the vital steps involved.

Steps In The Loci Cycle

Step 1: Pick a proven offer.

First, you will choose and get the offer proof that you will choose. You will earn a commission on each sale. For this, you will get systematic training for effectual promotion.

Step 2: Deploy your Loci

You can access various already authorized sites to promote and sell your offers. You simply need to copy and paste the template. However, you need to add your expertise to make it stand out and to enhance promotion.

Step 3: Activate your AI Traffic Tool

Now, the real game starts. With the help of AI, Loci fans out your ad over the internet in different formats. The software places the ad on over 200 credible websites.

Now, let us learn about the role of AMPIFIRE.

AMPIFIRE & the Loci Cycle


AMPIFIRE is a content creation entity that ensures 10 times more profits and sales. Moreover, it enhances online visibility. Without any cost, it will place your ad on over 200 websites. With the right strategy and placement, it will attract more traffic and prospects. In addition, it enables you to create exclusive and position over 400 spots across five types of media. The aim is to attract a massive targeted audience for your business.

Money Making with the Loci Cycle

With a quick copy-paste Loci farms template, you connect offers with potential buyers. This template is provided in the training course. Every Loci farm holds the ability to inculcate steady sales. The number of Loci farms you need is dependent on the traffic.

The level of your income depends on the number of campaigns you run. Jay and Chris have created a smart strategy to distinguish a “cash cow” offer. Such offers are guaranteed virtually to convert.

With the Loci Cycle, you get more than 5000 Loci-Farm sites and opportunities for a multitude of niches.

Loci Cycle Programs Outcomes

Below we have the outcomes from the Beta testing phase for this program. The outcomes speak volumes.

  • With the three steps in the program, users gained over $2000 per week. This came with no completions for any type of niche using the AI automation tool.

Loci Cycle

  • Now, we have the clearly evident outcomes by students who benefitted from the Loci Cycle. With more effort, you can drive more powerful results.

the Loci Cycle Results

Loci Cycle is very facilitating in help you gain profits. However, it demands effort to earn. The Loci Cycle’s three-step process and the automation tool enable you to achieve more with low competition.

Here is what you get in the Loci Cycle Training Course?

You Get:

  • The Loci Cycle Master-class.
  • AMPIFIRE 2.0 Software
  • AMPIFIRE 2.0 Credits: The Ultimate Pack
  • Copy & Paste: Loci Farm Mini Websites
  • 12 Months Program for Email Coaching
  • Private Mastermind Access

Loci Cycle Special Bonuses for the first 50 customers.

  • Six-Figure Case Studies
  • Crypto Loci Farm Minisite Builder
  • Loci Cycle Live VIP Admission
  • 90 Day Challenge
  • One on Call Coaching

The Loci Cycle: Pros & Cons


  • Business Model that is tested over time.
  • Networking with people for help and guidance.
  • You can access 12 site credits for promotion.
  • A user-friendly system that requires minimal effort.
  • AI-generated and targeted Traffic.
  • Enables you to gain profit with crypto.


  • It does not provide a fast way to get rich. Basic effort is necessary.
  • The Loci System is costly. It is priced at $3,495. However, it is worth it.

Final Verdict

The program comes with remarkable incentives and benefits that we mentioned. All of these can add value to your business. It ensures increased profits, scalability and drives more traffic.


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